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Group Sessions Information
Open to All Open swim session for adults and children (of any age) together. No teacher or lifeguard.
Parent and Baby (Age 2 Max) Open swim session for parents and babies with no older kids. No teacher or lifeguard.
We are now STRICTLY enforcing MAXIMUM AGE TWO YEARS OLD for ALL children in this session.
If you wish to bring any children along over two, you must swim in an 'open to all' session.
Activities Information
Private Hire Rent the pool, completely private just for you. You can have a total of 10 People in the pool (Under 1 year old does not count in that total), so bring along your friends and family.
STArfish 1 - Introduction to Baby Swim A perfect introduction to your baby swimming adventure.
STArfish 1-2 - Introduction to Baby Swim A perfect introduction to your baby swimming adventure.
STArfish 2 - Baby Swimming If you have taken baby swimming before, or your child is over 6 months, this is a great place to start.
STArfish 3-4 - Baby Swimming For baby swimmers who have been swimming around 3 months.
STArfish 5-6 - Baby/Toddler Swimming For babies and toddlers who have had 4-8 months of swimming experiance and some independant free swims.
STArfish Pre-Stanley - Baby/Toddler Swimming 9 months of swimming experience? Then this course is for you.
STAnley 1 - Toddler Swimming A first Learn to Swim course for 12-20 month old children with little or now swimming experience.
STAnley 2 - Toddler Swimming A toddler swim course for children ages 12-24 months who have had some structured learning before in either an Advanced Baby Swim Program or STAnley level 1.
STAnley 3 - Toddler Swimming
STAnley 4 - Toddler Swimming
STAnley 4/5 - Toddler Swimming
STAnley 5 - Toddler Swimming This course is for children aged 2.5 years and upwards, ideally very comfortable with jumping(with help) and swimming unaided for 2 meters.
STAnley 6 - PreSchool Swimmer Aged between 3 years upwards, be able to swim unaided for at least 5 meters.Be able to roll from front to back unaided and turn underwater unaided.
STAnley 7 - PreSchool Swimmer A preschool course for children 2.5 years and upwards and are very comfortable and confident in the water.
STA Octopus 1 STA Octopus Level 1 = 5 - 8 Year old beginner swimmer.
STA Octopus 2 STA Octopus Level 2 = 5 - 8 years old - Improver swimmers
STA Octopus 3 STA Octopus Level 3 = 5 - 8 years old. Intermediate Swimmers
STA Goldfish 1 STA Goldfish Level 1 = 5 - 8 year old swimmers.
STA Goldfish 2 STA Goldfish Level 1 - 5 - 8 year old swimmers.
STA Goldfish 3 STA Goldfish Level 3 = 5 - 8 year old swimmers.
STA Angel Fish 1 A course for preschool children who can swim at least 5 meters in either front crawl or Breast stroke unaided.
STA Angel Fish 2 STA Angelfish 2 - 5-8 Years old - Advanced Swimmers
STA Shark 1 STA Shark - Level 1 - Ages 8 - 12 year old - Swimmers
STA Shark 2 STA Shark Level 2 - 8 - 12 years old - Independent Swimmers
STA Shark 3 STA Shark Level 3 = 8 - 12 year old swimmers
AquaNatal Course Aquanatal classes are specifically designed for woman who are 14 weeks plus pregnant.
Private Lesson This is a private swimming lesson
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